Bargaining Update – 3rd Session

At the third bargaining session on March 28, 2016, our bargaining team responded to a number of the administration lawyer’s initial proposals. In our counterproposals, among other issues, we insisted upon the composition of the union as decided before the National Labor Relations Board, we put forward strong language recognizing the union’s right to function … Continue Reading

Bargaining Update – 2nd session

Yesterday, Friday, March 11, the members of the Barnard Contingent Faculty-UAW Local 2110 (BCF-UAW) Bargaining Committee met for the second time with the Barnard administration. The administration’s chief negotiator is Michael Bertoncini of the firm Jackson Lewis, which is known for its anti-labor practices. He is joined at the table by Associate Provost Pat Denison, … Continue Reading

Bargaining Update – 1st Session

Today, Friday, February 19 at 1pm, the BCF-UAW Bargaining Committee sat down face-to-face with representatives from the Barnard College administration to begin negotiations on a first contract for the Barnard Contingent Faculty. Read our opening statements to management. We enter negotiations with the momentum of the past year’s quick succession of victories: our supermajority support … Continue Reading