Bargaining Update – 1st Session

Today, Friday, February 19 at 1pm, the BCF-UAW Bargaining Committee sat down face-to-face with representatives from the Barnard College administration to begin negotiations on a first contract for the Barnard Contingent Faculty. Read our opening statements to management. We enter negotiations with the momentum of the past year’s quick succession of victories: our supermajority support for a union election in Spring 2015, our impressive case before the National Labor Relations Board in Summer 2015, and our resounding choice (over 91% voting “yes”) to unionize in Fall 2015.

The BCF-UAW Bargaining Committee members have reviewed other faculty contracts, studied the results of the Bargaining Survey sent to all members (responses may still be submitted here ), and held many discussions on our goals. We have assembled an initial set of proposals that honor the essential work we do at the college and acknowledge the exceptional costs of living and working in New York City. We are approaching bargaining with the conviction that a fair contract for contingent faculty is in the very best interest of the teaching mission of Barnard.

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