Your Rights

As a member of BCF-UAW, your contract provides you with a number of important rights in the workplace.


As a Unit Member, you are protected from discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, alienage or citizenship status, gender (including gender identity or expression), marital partnership status, union activity, political belief, military status, predisposing genetic characteristics or domestic violence victim status, or on the basis of any characteristic protected under applicable law or College policy.

Claims of discrimination or harassment will be handled through the procedures available to all members of the college community. However, if the Union is dissatisfied with the final outcome of the College’s review of a Unit Member’s claim of discrimination or harassment, the Union may file a demand for arbitration (Article 22).

Access to Services

You have the right to resources on Barnard’s campus that you need to carry out your teaching duties. Each semester the College will provide you with access to available space to teach assigned courses and to meet with students.

You have the right to a computer and office equipment needed to teach assigned courses. You have the right to access library resources the College provides to other faculty. You will be reimbursed for expenditures for materials and supplies used in the classroom and for costs associated with field trips or other extracurricular activities with students that are pre-approved in writing by the academic unit head.

Academic Freedom and Responsibility 

“Unit Members enjoy the academic freedom to express themselves without unreasonable restriction and to be judged as a teacher on the basis of legitimate intellectual and professional criteria.” —Article 9, Section 1

More information on Academic Freedom and Responsibility can be found on pages 9-10 in our contract.