Bargaining Update – 9th session

One June 17 we held our 9th bargaining session with the administration. We have made some progress on certain non-economic provisions, but remain far apart on economics and issues related to job security and union rights. A brief summary of our progress is below; a more detailed report will be forthcoming later in the summer.

Agreement has been reached on the formation of a Labor/Management Committee that will meet each semester to discuss issues of common interest and concern including health and safety issues, and on digital access to student evaluations

Some progress has been made, but no final agreement has been reached on contract clauses concerning:

  • provision of bargaining unit information to the union
  • basic union recognition clause spelling out who is in the unit
  • academic freedom and responsibility policy
  • access to space and equipment
  • union access to campus and right to post union notices on bulletin boards
  • grievance and arbitration rights
  • conformity to law (standard legal provision which guarantees that contract will continue in effect even if a change in law makes a particular provision unlawful)

We remain far apart on clauses concerning:

  • re-appointment rights and job security
  • union security and dues deductions
  • management rights
  • right to strike and honor picket lines

No further movement by the administration on health benefits, wages, or other economic areas since their initial offer.

June 28 will be our last bargaining session before August.

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