Our demand for a fair contract is being heard

We hope you saw the coverage of our Wednesday teach-in in the Columbia Daily Spectator. The teach-in was a huge success in bringing attention to our campaign for a fair contract and shining a light on the administration’s obstructionist tactics at the bargaining table. Over the course of the day the assembled group of Barnard contingent faculty—with allies from the Barnard support staff, Columbia grad workers, and the student group Student-Worker Solidarity—handed out hundreds of leaflets, spoke one-on-one with dozens of students, and were seen on the Diana lawn standing up for our rights by almost every member of the Barnard senior administration, including the Provost, the Associate Provost, the Chief Operating Officer, the Dean of the College, and the General Counsel. Our voices are being heard.

Our next bargaining session is this Monday, April 18. We will return to the table with proposals that reflect the value of our work and our place in the Barnard community. And we will continue building support outside the bargaining room. On top of the teach-in, we have presented on our negotiations to a group of the Barnard tenure-track faculty, we are building a strong partnership with Student-Worker Solidarity (who just won a $15 minimum wage for Barnard student workers), and we continue to roll out our social media campaign, which is attracting more viewers every day.

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