Class of 1960 Adjunct Faculty Research Fund

[Please note new deadline and eligibility requirements, updated 1/22/21.]

On the occasion of their 60th reunion, the Barnard College Class of 1960 established the Class of 1960 Adjunct Faculty Research Fund to support the scholarly and creative work of Barnard adjuncts.

In 2021, a grant of $10,000 will go to one adjunct faculty member who has taught at Barnard for three or more years. The recipient will be selected by the Barnard College Provost upon recommendation by the Grants Committee in Spring 2021. Funds will be made available in Summer 2021.

Adjuncts of any rank who meet the criteria below may apply:

  • must have taught at Barnard College for at least three years
  • must not be appointed to a tenure/tenure-track or reviewed/renewable instructor position at an institution outside of Barnard College.

Those wishing to apply should download and complete the Adjunct Faculty Research Grant application (below). All materials noted in the application should be emailed to Bobby O’Rourke ( in the Provost’s Office. Applications are due by Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021.

From members of the Class of 1960:

The Class of 1960 Adjunct Faculty Research Fund has been established on the occasion of our 60th Reunion, by members of the Class who have taken notice of Barnard’s significant reliance on adjunct faculty. Some members of the Class have been adjuncts themselves and understand the professional and psychic toll these positions can take.

We recognize that substantial improvements have been made by the formation of Barnard Contingent Faculty-UAW Local 2110, but much remains to be accomplished. This year [2021] we are able to offer a one-time grant of $10,000 to an adjunct faculty member who has taught at Barnard for three years or more. We expect this will sustain a month of research in the summer of 2021. Applications will be made to the regular Barnard College Faculty Grants Committee on its regular schedule.

In this way we hope to recognize, sustain and enrich the intellectual life of the adjunct faculty. We will continue our efforts to enlarge the Fund so that we can continue to support this initiative.